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Hello Families! Neuroscience and modern innovations in psychotherapy are now confirming that psychological trauma can be healed. There are now more than 300 therapy practices that are recognized as empirically valid in the United States for the treatment of trauma. One such valid trauma treatment practice is called Internal Family Systems. According to Richard Schwartz, a leading trauma theoretician and founder of the Internal Family...

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Hello, families! The first installment of this series talked about understanding and communicating what your needs are in a relationship. This second part deals with trust and flexibility in your relationship. Are you willing to make the changes I need? Am I willing to make the changes you need? This question comes from the pre-marital checklist from Integrated Therapeutic Solutions. A relationship requires an ability to change....

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Hello Families! Here’s a story about relationships: A couple came to a pre-marital counseling session. They had been talking about marriage and how they felt closer to taking this step in their lives. They had been together for several years. They both said they felt safe and happy together. They wanted to do their marriage right, not repeat some of the painful things they saw their parents and friends do in their marriages....

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