Ok moms- it’s time for a break!

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Hello moms,


The holidays are here, but where did Thanksgiving go?  It seems like life has been in high speed since Halloween!  Working, cooking, shopping, running errands, traveling, decorating the house– don’t forget outside lights!  Attending everyone’s holiday parties, online ordering, wrapping gifts, talking to relatives–celebrations at whose house this year?  Getting flu shots, passing around the family cold, baking breads for teachers, uh-oh–here comes finals!

What did I forget?  Mailing packages, buying small gifts for my stylist, mail carrier, baby-sitter.  Where am I going to put all of this food?  The kids are already out of school for the holiday?!  What am I going to do!??

Oh, boy.  If any of these thoughts are racing through your head, chances are it is time for you to take a break.  How many of us forget to rest and focus on relaxation this time of year?  How often do we cut back on our own self-care during these high stress periods?  Take a moment and reflect.  Have I been cutting back on exercise, sleep, quiet time? How long have I been feeling pressured to get everything done?  Have I gotten enough me-time?  If I think about next week, do I want to crawl into bed?

Ok moms–it’s time for a break!  Take a few moments to close your eyes and breathe.  After this, keep your eyes closed and ask yourself–how can I be kind to myself today? Being kind to yourself can be doing small activities like going for a walk, sitting for a small meditation or writing down some positive intentions for the holiday.  Being kind to yourself may include scheduling in regular self-care time this holiday.  Some other ideas include reading a book, sitting in your favorite room and listening to some quiet music. Have a family discussion of what each family member is thankful for this year or what each family member might set for goals next year.

Remember, one of the greatest gifts we have is to listen. So take some time to listen to yourself, and take good care this holiday!


— Craig


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  1. Good reminder, especially this time of year! I believe in the trickle-down-economics of parenting: if you take care of a parent, you cake care of a child. Thanks for reminding parents to take care of themselves.

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