Batman and the Theatre Shooting

Posted By on Jul 22, 2012 in Notes for the Family


I wanted to write a message of comfort due to the recent tragic shooting in Colorado. It is a scary and sad thing that happened this Friday. My thoughts go out to all of us, but especially to the families whom this violence fell upon. To all of those families, I’m very sorry this happened. Take care, take comfort. Talking and being with friends and family helps. There are professional counselors who are trained in dealing with grief that you can talk to. There are crisis hotlines listed on the internet that you can call to talk to someone. Human connection can be soothing.

In the Batman legend, Bruce Wayne’s parents are murdered outside a theatre. Right in front of him. His whole world is shattered. A senseless killing, the worst tragedy. The unanswerable questions: How can this be? What kind of a world lets this happen?

This is the defining moment for Bruce Wayne. What I think is most heroic about Bruce Wayne is that he finds his purpose in life out of this tragedy. He becomes a force for good. He devotes himself so entirely to goodness, both as Bruce Wayne and as Batman, that he becomes a human superhero. He is a symbol of the hope and goodness that is in the world.

After the shock of it, what happened in Colorado makes me want to love harder and more. I heard a saying in a movie that I like, “Be brave, and bold forces will come to your aid.” All I will add is take care, take comfort. Your purpose in life contributes to goodness and love, and that means very much to those who know you and to the world at large.

Be brave and proud with your love. Peace.


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