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Posted By on Aug 20, 2012 in Notes for the Family

The long time light within

Hello Gentlemen,

The Long Time Light within-

We all have darkness and space within us. This darkness isn’t good or bad. It just is. There is also light and infinite possibility in us. The darkness covers us from our inner light and if you ignore it you create more darkness and also start feeling bad anyway.

Sometimes turning into the darkness brings change into your life. Change isn’t easy though. It comes with a lot of shock, grief, anger, sadness, pain, and hurt.

Anger is a behavior that we adopt to avoid or steel ourselves to our pain. It is safe for us to feel anger. But we must be careful with it. Especially in our relationship to ourselves. Anger turned toward the self is shame. Blame and guilt is anger turned toward what we’ve done. Especially in our relationships.

In your relationships, you have to be honest with your feelings. This is because the people in your life who you care about can tell when you are unhappy. And if you are unhappy, and then not talk about it openly with your relationships, you will emotionally disconnect. Slow down. Take time to slow down and spend time being with the important people in your lives.

Be very deliberate about what you say when you are angry, scared or intoxicated. Do not get intoxicated to frequently. And if your family members ask you to stop getting intoxicated, listen to what they have to say.

When you talk about your beliefs do so in consideration of how you really want to treat your partners, family, friends, co-workers, employees, people in their cars and people on the streets. How you would like to be treated.

In however large or small your unhappiness, you are still a human being, worthy of infinite love and acceptance.

You can learn to give yourself this infinite love and acceptance too.



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