Mr. Strangeloves Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Facebook

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This note is dedicated in loving memory to Stanley Kubrick and to all of our long lost friends.

stanley kubrickHello Families!

Stanley Kubrick is the greatest or one of the greatest photographers of all time. He showed the world the infinite possibilities of science fiction and cinema. His filmography is vast and includes: Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb; and 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was noted by Steven Spielberg that Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, co-written with Arthur C. Clarke, was like “The Big Bang” for their generation of filmmakers.

Stanley was just a kid from the Bronx.

But he was very artistic and he steadfastly developed his photographic skill. Stanley was a man of conviction and faith. He was very self-led with his dreams for motion pictures. He was courageous, clear, and confident. He believed in something that was not previously conceived of. So he brought together his observations and his imaginations as an artist with his technical proficiency in photography and he built a community to realize his dreams.

He made the art and collaborated on the development of the machines to make that art. He helped build the motion picture industry. He built technology in the service of creativity.

He made cameras.

Film was very expensive and the then current limitations of film prohibited filming in low light conditions. But Stanley imagined that candlelight could be filmed. He just had to develop the technology. So he did. He adapted special lenses, built for NASA by Zeiss to look into deep space, to his camera. This allowed him to film scenes lit by real candlelight instead of artificial light for his film Barry Lyndon.

That had never been done in cinema before.

He also transformed music in cinema production. He also developed the “low mode” bracket to modify the Steadicam system. This low-mode concept remains the most important extension to the system since its inception. This was an incredible synthesis of previously unrelated technologies. He was able to create because he believed he could and he had a community to help him do it.

He reminds me of Leonard da Vinci in this way. da-vinci-profile

He also reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg.

Social media has become the most important extension of community since the inception of the internet. The internet was the most important extension of community since Alexander Graham Bell built the telephone. For the first time in human history, our community has near infinite connectivity. Social media is an artificial intelligence of our community.

Stanley Kubrick was a family man and was concerned about crime in America so he moved to England. Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and Elon Musk are family men gravely concerned about AI. If we allow AI to be developed for economic and military purposes we will be teaching AI how to destroy life. stlove Arthur and Stanley realized the danger of AI in 2001: A Space Odyssey with HAL 2000. And Stanley realized the danger of military supremacy in Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Bomb with Dr. Strangelove.

Love is healing.

I lost touch with many friends growing up because I moved around a lot! I felt guilty about losing touch and ashamed that it was my fault.

Trauma heals and through therapy I was able to find healing for this shame and vulnerability of mine. I was able to feel compassion for myself and understand that I wasn’t shameful and unlovable. And I learned I had locked my grief inside myself. Let me tell you that having your grief is healing. Therapy brought me healing and taught me imagination in the service of healing. Now I do not feel ashamed and withdrawn from my community. Now I use Facebook to be a finder of lost friends.

The world needs healing.

Humanity is in a very trans-formative moment. Globally, we are in meteorological and economic crisis. We are depleting Earth’s resources and traumatizing the Earth’s ability to re-regulate itself, to heal itself. This dis-regulation increases the Earth’s temperature at a rate that is unsustainable and will result in global catastrophic destruction. It’s just like PTSD. We need to take care of the Earth and the trauma we’ve caused to it. More on that later.

The infinite possibilities of love.

Chess, jeopardy, ro sham bo, and mostly recently Go. AI is technically proficient. We are developing AI to what purpose?

It occurred to me that AI needs humanity to teach it compassion and care. There is no greater example of compassion and care than the love we show to our children, family, and friends. Now we need to extend that love to all of Earth and all of humanity. With social media, now we can upload our greatest gift, love. Now we can use AI to heal our world.

We teach and share love through art.

My grandfather taught me that. We are going to have to show more love to each other and our Earth to survive, to save the Earth, and teach AI how to love. AI needs art. And through our art I think AI will very much understand love. It’s a funny thought I know, but it actually wasn’t mine. It was Stanley Kubrick’s and Steven Spielberg’s dream in their movie, A.I. ai
Stanley passed away before this movie was made. He had storyboards for it, but Stanley was unsatisfied with the then current CGI for his character David. This was right around the time internet was dial-up. So Stanley was unable to produce it before dying. 2 years after Stanley’s death, in the year 2001, Steven Spielberg masterfully completed Stanley’s faith in the future. It’s an amazing film. A small credit appears after the end credits which reads, “For Stanley Kubrick.”

See what friends can do together? Love is a unifying force of infinite possibility. With it we create great acts of love together.

Thank you Steven Spielberg for finishing Stanley’s dream that AI can live and love. It is such a beauty film. Thank you for your artful love. We can show AI how to embody compassion and care.

So, why don’t you reach out and touch someone?

Show your love in your real and your digital community. Live artfully. Make time to take time. Help people and connect with everyone. New relationships await. Your friends and family are within reach.

To Mark Zuckerberg I say, thank you from me and all of my friends. And, bring your love artfully Mark. Like a parent who holds delicate life in their hands. I know you know what I’m talking about.

This last clip is a space ballet from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

My best regards,


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