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Hello families! I wish no one had to fight. I wish no one had to fight for money or for a living. I wish an end to all violence towards all things. We can make that happen together. But I love Ronda Rousey. She fights for money. She’s the best female fighter of her generation, possibly ever. But she is also compassion and courage embodied. You can see her female warrior spirit and I bet she loves to be nurturing. I think...

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Hello Families! In a simple way, the part of us that is capable of limitless possibility is the neuron. Your bodies have a limitless capacity to heal. We are not like starfish; if we lose an arm it will not grow back (the exciting exception to this are stem cells.) However, just like our skin grows new cells to repair an injury, our brains can grow new neurons. How is this possible? Through new experiences in relationship. The key to...

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Hello Families! Neuroscience and modern innovations in psychotherapy are now confirming that psychological trauma can be healed. There are now more than 300 therapy practices that are recognized as empirically valid in the United States for the treatment of trauma. One such valid trauma treatment practice is called Internal Family Systems. According to Richard Schwartz, a leading trauma theoretician and founder of the Internal Family...

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