The New Experience: Psychological Trauma Can Be Healed, pt. 2

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Hello Families!

In a simple way, the part of us that is capable of limitless possibility is the neuron.

Your bodies have a limitless capacity to heal. We are not like starfish; if we lose an arm it will not grow back (the exciting exception to this are stem cells.) However, just like our skin grows new cells to repair an injury, our brains can grow new neurons. How is this possible? Through new experiences in relationship.

The key to healing trauma is developing a new kind of relationship with the parts of you which hold burdens. Relationships are, energetically, experiences. Think of the difference between the energy you feel towards a loved one as opposed to the energy you feel towards someone you don’t know.

Gratitude is another example. Gratitude is an energy of acceptance and appreciation. If you practice gratitude gratitude regularly, you will feel your energy move. That’s not lip service; you are literally shifting energy in your body. Try it. Take 2 minutes and think about what you are grateful for. Feel the difference in your energy? Those are new synapses and neurons happening. And imagine bringing that acceptance and appreciation to the parts of you that feel burdened and unwanted. That is healing.

Without new experiences, parts of us will respond to our burdens and trauma in the same way. This will be some version of be extremely agitated or extremely sedated. These burdens we carry cause us to withdraw and dis-integrate from our relationships to ourselves and others. To heal burdens, we need to form new relationships and experiences with the parts of us that carry burdens. This will allow us to form more satisfying and meaningful relationships with others.

Incidentally, forming new experiences is a key to healthy aging. Neuroscience has identified several things you can do to continue to foster neuronal growth. Those things include exercise, learning, meditation and developing new relationships.

The bottom line is that we need each other to truly feel alive. May we all live together in loving relationship.



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