An Ode to Ronda Rousey

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Hello families!

I wish no one had to fight.

I wish no one had to fight for money or for a living. I wish an end to all violence towards all things. We can make that happen together.

But I love Ronda Rousey.

She fights for money. She’s the best female fighter of her generation, possibly ever.

But she is also compassion and courage embodied. You can see her female warrior spirit and I bet she loves to be nurturing.

I think she’d be a good role model for the intervention and prevention of sexual abuse. We will end sexual abuse for all girls and boys, for all men and women. We will do that together.


Back to Ronda.

In her last fight, in the very first seconds, she gets hit by a perfect right uppercut-left cross combo and was knocked unconscious. She continued to fight for 7 more minutes. The fight should have been over after round 1. If I was in her corner ringside I would have stopped it if she’d let me. But I know a part of her had to finish it. Her survivor part wouldn’t accept defeat. A few minutes later she gets knocked out.

Therapy can help heal the wounds of the survivor part in her. The survivor part is burdened by the violence they have been through. When your trauma is healed, you are unburdened. Your survivor part is free to do things so amazing you would never think was possible.

In this clip with Ellen, she talks about how she felt suicidal after being beaten and the compassion that she found within herself to not kill herself. She says this great line like “you may beat me but you will never defeat me.” She is very eloquent.

When you heal trauma, you grow and that has limitless possibility.

I’m with you Ronda.

And I’m with all of you.

My best regards,


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