Psychological Trauma Can Be Healed, pt. 1

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Hello Families!

Neuroscience and modern innovations in psychotherapy are now confirming that psychological trauma can be healed. There are now more than 300 therapy practices that are recognized as empirically valid in the United States for the treatment of trauma. One such valid trauma treatment practice is called Internal Family Systems.

According to Richard Schwartz, a leading trauma theoretician and founder of the Internal Family Systems model, humans have the infinite capacity to heal. Dr. Schwartz thinks about trauma not as an event or experience, but rather as the impact those events or experiences have on our inner world. To understand what I mean by our inner world, watch the movie Inside Out.

While trauma may feel as if some part of us has been damaged or lost, that is not true. Those parts are not damaged or lost, rather they are placed in rigid and fixed roles known as burdens. These burdens cause us to respond to our present time in patterns that are painful or even violent and often times identical to the original traumatic event, much like a record that keeps skipping in the same place. When burdens are healed, we feel immense relief and freedom to fully be ourselves. With the help of research and development in neuroscience, people all over the world are finding freedom from the burdens of their experiences.

Can you imagine a world in which we are all healed? Stay tuned for more hope.

May you know that you are loved, all parts of you. We are all here together.



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